Warm Feeling House provides comfortable high quality service to you by a team of specially trained Thai Massager in a comfortable, relaxing and warm feeling environment. Except Thai Massage, we also provide Ear Candling Treatment, Herbal Massage, Thai Herbal Steam Treatment, Oil Massage and Aromatic Massage for your needs and enjoyment.

Stressed out? Neck and shoulder tension from long working hours? Or simply need to relax your mind and body? We can help! Come to visit us at Central and try our services in a warm feeling massage salon.

Traditional Thai Massage

By pressing points on the Körpemeridianen, energy pathways are opened, the body slips into a deep, well doing and quiet relaxation. A well fitting, airy-light cotton shirt with pants will be supplied to customers during massage hours.

Therapeutic is useful against ongoing back problems such as muscle spasms and tendon disorders, lumbago and stiff neck, thus general fatigue, headaches and whiplash etc.

Preferred Session Length: 1.5 - 2 hours

Herbal Wrap "Hot Comfort" as a supplement to traditional Thai massage:

The herbal pack "Hot Comfort" is a so-called Temple of dried herbs weeds (collected in the province of Chanthaburi ostmittelthailändischen). The herbal temple will first be heated in the steamer. Then serve in hot and humid condition as massage utensil. In applying the herb pack in the last 30 minutes of the meeting, Theapie can specifically be resolved tensions, and as a side effect, the skin is deeply spoiled.

Aroma Oil Massage

By massaging with our skin-friendly, non-greasy almond massage oil with a hint of refreshing citrus scent on the body. A relaxed, regenerated and soothing warm tingling sensation will rush through the whole body - a feeling of reborn! Acts effectively against stress and fatigue, ideal for active sports.

Preferred Session Time: 1 - 1.5 hours

Foot Reflexology Massage

Each zone of the sole is associated with an institution, by pressing the corresponding reflex zone, the corresponding organ of increased blood supply jammed vitality brought back into the river and then activates the self-healing of the body. Therapeutic is useful against circulatory problems, digestive disorders, migraines, colds and others more.

Preferred Session Length: 1 hours