Neck and Shoulder Pain

Bad posture; sitting cramped over a desk; hunched over a steering wheel; certain sports such as golf; Illnesses such as asthma, can cause strain and tension to the neck and shoulder areas. The chest muscles shorten and contract, causing the muscles in the upper back to become overstretched. This results in rounded shoulders, tight and inflexible muscles around the neck and upper back. Stretching and relaxing the chest muscles, along with kneading the shoulders can help reducing pain around the neck and shoulder areas.

Ear Candling

Once a remedy from the past, the practice of Ear Candling is now making its come back in our modern eras. This treatment was used in India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec and American Indian cultures. According to ancient history record, the first practice of Ear Candling was used during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Ear candling is sometimes referred to Ear Coning as well. Although usage of the method varied considerably, the desired results are always the same. The practice was used to cleanse the ear canal, but it is also believed to be a spiritual practice for clearing our mind and senses. It is further believed if Ear Candling is performed on a person based on a regular basis, this will enhance meditation practices by heightening the sensitivity. Ear Candling is becoming widely recognized among skilled practitioners.

Today’s practitioners have continued the practice much like the Ancients. Candles have improved over the years to meet the ease and comfort of a client as well as the sanitary guidelines of modern days.

Body Scrub Treatment

You will never regret choosing Body Scrub Treatment for yourself. This treatment helps to stimulate the blood circulation of your body while relaxing your mind andspirit at the same time. During the body scrub treatment process, it will help to remove dead skin cells, improve your skin condition and prepare your skin for other treatments.

It is always better to do the Body Scrub treatment first before your other body massage services because it helps to freshen up and prepare your skin to absorb the aromatherapy massage oil easily.

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